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Email Phishing | 7/6/2019

We are Living in the IT world. Though it has its own merits however, IT has its risks too, and there are downsides to the advanced information technology. Phishing is sort of a loophole and it’s a type of attack that is based on social engineering. The intent of such attach is to hack user data, which may include login credentials and credit card details. This attack usually happens when a hacker masqueraded as an authentic entity lures a victim in opening a malicious email. The email contains such links which can quietly install a malware software in the computer without administrator’s approval. The systems can get freeze and its whole data is hacked by the attacker. The affected user will have to bear the consequence of unauthorized procurements, identity fraud and stealing of funds.

The most common medium of this attack is done via email. Phishing emails typical seem to be forward by notable companies and they will offer a white-collar job for free as mentioned in the email. For this, the email will ask you to provide personal info, that may include your social security number, account number or password and credit card details as well. Sometimes, instead of offering you a tempting job, these emails mention that the recipient of the email has won a mega prize and he can avail his prize by clicking on the URL given in the email. When the user clicks such link, he will be forwarded to a deceptive website, while a malware gets downloaded in the background and steals the required info as intended by the hacker which sent that malicious email.

In order to judge which email can be a phishing attack allegedly, we have to do some following checks while reading the email. All phishing emails have a generic greeting, the reason is that, conveniently, phishing emails are dispatched in bulk to numerous users. In order to save time, hackers use common names and titles like “Dear Customer” so that they don’t have to type all the receiver’s name and send emails separately. Therefore, if an email is not addressed to our email, it could be a phishing attack for sure. Phishing emails mention links that are required by the recipient to get the alleged reward by clicking those links. If the URL does not have “s” alphabet after HTTP, it’s not secure and we should not click them before vetting them completely.

It can be summed up that the point of sending phishing email is to trick you into giving your personal info. If you get an email inquiring your private info, it might be a phishing attack.


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