Backup Standardization | 6/22/2015

Most businesses have a backup solution that is actually a mix of different software systems from different vendors. One for the server, another for virtual machines, possibly a third for workstations. Seems innocent enough, but taming this mixed up monster can make for a case of one headache after another.

The company running multiple backup applications has multiple systems to account for, each with its own unique set of features and challenges. Over time, this lack of uniformity can make it very difficult to determine how mission-critical data, applications, and processes are accounted for across the organization.

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Data Backups | 6/18/2015

Many businesses recognize that online backup solutions offer significant advantages over traditional physical-device backups-such as being automatic, continuous, offsite and often requiring no extra equipment-the research indicates that for those who do not back up to the cloud, the No. 1 reason is cost.

However, let’s look a little deeper. With a Bluestor’s Managed backup costing on average $200/month per server or $2400 per year, that’s an average of just over a $1 per hour.. Odds are it would cost you a lot more than that to recreate a lost file, much less a full disaster recovery.

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